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Your Reliable Supplier of Frozen Shrimp

Sea Snack Foods, Inc. is one of the largest processors of raw and cooked salad shrimp in the United States. Larger sizes of shrimp are also available, as we import large shrimp from many countries in Southeast Asia. Count on us to be a reliable supplier and carry all of the different varieties of shrimp.

Individually Quick-Frozen

Our shrimp is Individually Quick-Frozen (IQF). This is the perfect method to retain the shrimp's natural juices and results in superior flavor. No large ice crystals form to damage the flesh. This preserves the texture, nutritional value, and visual appeal. In addition, IQF shrimp do not clump together in a big mass, making them easy to use and serve.

We Specialize in Custom Orders

Sea Snack Foods, Inc. offers custom packaging and shrimp processing. We cook the shrimp to your specifications, then prepare and package it exactly the way you want. Feel free to call us and we'll discuss your needs.

Inspected & Certified

All processing is performed in compliance with standards set by the United States Department of Commerce (USDC). We're voluntarily inspected and certified under their Seafood Inspection Program as plant #299. This means we're approved for sanitation and for producing USDC-inspected fishery products. We meet their regulations for our facilities, our equipment, and our processing techniques. This ensures high standards and safe, wholesome products.

Industry Partnerships

Sea Snack Foods, Inc. works with industrial accounts to assist in research and development. We're interested in developing new, value-added products using shrimp. You're invited to contact us for your frozen shrimp product, processing, or packaging requirements.